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My name is Kate. 29 I have blonde long hair, a firm set of tits and a firm body, size 10, I like to splurge. In 2009 it took three months to travel to work in Australia and Bali. I like long gone for about two months and found myself on the West Coast with a couple of days on a trip to the jungle. I was staying in a beach hostel in the town of Cervantes and had to get one with a good group of people. One night we were doing the usual thing for traveling, sitting with a few drinks, listen to music, playing cards, etc. had risen to about 1 hour and remained only four of us : me, Lydia ( Sweden), Jason ( South Africa) and his friend Charles (also from South Africa). Both boys from their usual mid -twenties pieces and Lydia were in South Africa would have no more Swedish stereotype. Both guys were obviously trying to get into bed, and suggested that we tubesss play a game of strip poker. Very annoying as we agreed, but said it wouldto the beach, going to the fire, and we must play truth or strips in place. This is not what game we play tubesss as long as tubesss they have agreed that nude beach took some blankets, and went to the beach. The game had been since about 20 minutes and nothing on these guys and both Lydia and sat down with our bikini funds to try to tubesss cover our breasts. We were both admiring the body of hot guys to light the fire, and I realized Lydia looked at me. Therefore, it was no surprise to me when he arrived with the car for the two to move. I felt very well at the moment and not a lot of experience with the girls, I had kissed a few friends in my time as you. dragged me, I took her and we kissed, softly at first, but soon slipped our tongues in each other's mouth. I've always been curious about how a girl so hot that made these my pussy kissing sessionvery humid. After what must have about 10-15 seconds, broke the kiss and laughed at each other in the eye. Fuck ' was hot, 'said Jason. A 's my turn next to tubesss the strip or dare to choose, and only until my bikini, I dare to choose from. Charl was once dared me to get to the top Lydia and kiss her, she plays with her ​​tits. I made a model of protest, and he wanted to tubesss wait, when in reality I could, I pushed hard and started making out again as he ran his hands and his body began its pinch and rub her firm breasts and pull her nipples. moaned as I did, and we both knew who had passed the point of no return. at this point tubesss is rolled over and kissed me on the neck, and took my nipple in his mouth, biting, sucking and licking that makes me enjoy my bikini and moan even more. the feeling was amazing, so different from all the guys who want their skin and lips were so soft and smooth and feltso incredible in my body. He kissed his way down the abdomen towards my pussy and I tubesss could not wait. He pulled my bikini and started licking my wet pussy wet, soft sends me completely tubesss wild, moaning loudly as she sucked my clit hard and threw it with his tongue. I had forgotten all about the kids, I was totally involved in what tubesss Lydia had done for me, but when I looked up I saw he was naked and masturbating hard cocks some really impressive. I saw Jason and smiled, and he took this as a green light. He moved toward me and put his cock near my face and took me to lick the head and leaked precum. As Lydia licked me harder, so I sucked your dick Jason is more difficult, enjoying his moans and he said I was sucking his cock so well. I love when they say that children who suck up to me and made me the hardest. While I was sucking off Jason, Charles had moved behind Lydia and was licking her sweet tight pussywas obviously a very good job of it, like licking my pussy was now becoming increasingly difficult. This brought me closer to cumming. I could feel the building, which I had felt before, and suddenly my orgasm hit me like an explosion. Jason 's cock jumped out of my mouth as she screamed out loud, to Lydia 's face in my pussy juice. When it finally stopped I could not believe how much she had semen, the best orgasm you 've ever had. Charl Lydia was fucking hard from behind, so the groaning, and I went with her ​​and gave her the same treatment he gave me. At tubesss this point I realized Jason is a raging hard on, as he put it against my wet pussy. His tail slide had no problem pounding on my pussy wet and soon to stop, my pussy hard. I felt amazing, stretching me, filling my pussy I took him out in the swollen clit sucking tubesss Lydia. I was fucking hard tubesss to beat his cock in me that I saw Charlthe same with Lydia. I could feel the orgasm and another building could concentrate on the clitoris of Lydia, although it seemed that there was going to lose, while shouting ' You cum! ' She began to cum hard, screaming, and when I saw her juices Charl queue flooding. This sent me over the edge and started to have another great orgasm, jerking thick cock cries Jason, as I have been a second time. This set of two sons, Charles and pulling my face in their semen thick, hot shot while huge load deep into my vagina Jason. broke into a lot of sweating of the extremities, difficulty breathing with our efforts, the best sex I ever had. Lydia turned to me and kissed me and said, ' Damn, that was good. ' He kissed me again and I could not agree more with her, and said:' I think we should bring this to the hostel to get in and out rain. 'And they kissed again.
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